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Water Treatment


We install and service water treatment for a variety of settings - from residential to commercial, industrial and agricultural. Water treatment is proven to extend the life of your plumbing system and provide quality water. A free water analysis is helpful to determine what kind of water treatment is best for you.


Water Softeners

Water softeners offer protection against lime and calcium buildup, which can be taxing on your whole home's plumbing system over time. Without a water softener, you may notice a white buildup of residue on your appliances, water heater, shower doors and fixtures. To protect the integrity and function of your plumbing system and fixtures, water softeners are easily installed and cared for.  Speak with one of our professionals to determine what size of water softener best suits the size of your home.

Iron and Sulfur

If you live in a rural area and your water is supplied from a residential well, you may notice iron residue in your water that can leave orange/brown stains on plumbing fixtures, your clothing and appliances. An iron filter can help prevent staining from iron and a buildup of iron residue. Similarly, sulfur in your water can cause an unpleasant smell in your home. A sulfur filter is a great option to remove this. Some difficult water applications require different chemicals to be addded to treat water conditions, consult with us for these applications.

Chemical Injection

Some water treatment applications require peroxide for difficult water conditions. We offer different options when it comes to peroxide systems.

Reverse Osmosis
(RO) System

Reverse osmosis is a popular drinking water system. It offers great-tasting drinking water at your tap. An RO system is typically a simple installation and works great with a UV system to ensure safe, great-tasting water. We carry replacement filters for RO systems that we sell and install at our parts desk. In some cases, reverse osmosis is required for larger applications for agricultural or industrial applications, consult with us for the best application for this. 

Ultraviolet (UV)

UV systems are effective in sterilizing bacteria and microorganisms in your water. Adding a UV system ensures that your water is safe to drink and consume. UV bulbs and sleeves are changed annually.

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